On 20 April 2020, the Government announced that we would move from level 4 to level 3 in relation to the COVID-19 lockdown at midnight on Monday 27 April 2020.

Under level 4, there have been restrictions in terms of shared care parenting.  Parents have been advised to use their own car for changeovers, encourage contact as per a Parenting Order or Agreement if the parents live in the same town or community, not to proceed with physical contact when the other parent lives in a different town or more than an hour’s car journey from their place of residence. 

It was also advised that if members of the child’s bubble were sick, had been in contact with or been tested for COVID-19, or had returned from overseas within the last 14 days, that contact would also not occur under those circumstances.

Under level 3, these restrictions will continue, in order to assist the public in eliminating the spread of COVID-19.  However, there are some indications that bubbles could be extended to allow for extended family to join and stay in the bubble i.e. a grandparent living on their own, or a sibling of the parents, or the child, who has also been in a sole-person bubble.

Schools are also projected to reopen in the next few weeks for year 10 and below, for children of essential workers who cannot work from home.  It is still advised that where possible, all children should study from home if their parents or caregivers are not essential workers or can work from home.

There will be more updates as to the guidelines for level 3 and parenting once this has been implemented.

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Shaun Cousins
Family Lawyer

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