As referred to in a previous article, there is now new guidance as to how shared care and contact will operate under COVID-19 Alert Level 3.

At Alert Level 3 children may move between household bubbles under a parenting arrangement.  Household bubbles will be extended, but must remain exclusive, for example there must not be ongoing changes of different people coming in and out of your home.

In terms of this, children are no longer limited to moving between two bubbles as part of a parenting arrangement, but it is still important that the number of bubbles between which the children are moving is only as large as necessary and in line with a parenting arrangement. For example, children in blended families can now move between houses, but it may be the case that the children come at different times.

There are also no restrictions on the distance of domestic travel for contact.  The children can now move between different regions for the purposes of contact, however, travel should only be undertaken if needed and parents need to keep travel at a minimum. 

For this to work, there may need to be further agreement as to how often changeovers will occur.  As before, at level 4, you should also take a copy of your Court Order or Parenting Agreement with you to help explain your travel if stopped by Police. 

As in Level 4, private vehicles should be used wherever possible, but public transport can be used in instances where there are no alternatives. 

For the people under Parenting Agreements that involves travel by domestic air or inter-island ferry, these are now available transport options, but are limited. 

The Ministry of Transport website provides further information about these guidelines.

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Shaun Cousins
Family Lawyer

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