There is significant financial support provided by the Government under the 2020 Budget to family violence services. 

The additional funding will extend the Government commitment towards fighting family violence.

Initiatives that have been proposed are:

(a)  $183 million will be given over the next 4 years for the Ministry of Social Development to ensure continued access to specialist family violence services including:

(i)         Services supporting dealing with family violence ($142 million);

(ii)        Services to help abusive parties to stop inflicting family violence ($16 million);

(iii)       Support of victims of elder abuse ($25 million).

There is also going to be a cross-agency initiative. The Police and the Justice and Health Ministries are to ensure that victims of non-fatal strangulation can access highly-trained medical practitioners, or forensic services, necessary to gather robust evidence needed to prosecute those who commit family violence.  The funding for this will be approximately $19.9 million.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering from family violence, steps can be taken to put protections in place.

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Shaun Cousins

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