I recently took part in the New Zealand Law Society Continuing Legal Education course for mediators as part of a panel talking about how mediation can assist in dispute resolution in the education field.

Mediators from all around New Zealand took part to help develop their skills further in this often difficult and emotionally charged area of disputes.

Mediation in this area is very important, as it enables the participants to focus on rebuilding relationships, so all can move forward in a continuing relationship, rather than adopting entrenched positions that do not enhance the achievement of the real needs of all parties to the dispute.

Whether the dispute is between parents and a school, adult students and a tertiary provider, staff and their employers, staff and other staff, parents and the Ministry or any of the huge number of other possible scenarios each will benefit hugely from working together to resolve the dispute.

The assistance of a well-trained mediator will greatly enhance the chances of a mutually beneficial resolution.

Alan Knowsley
Education Lawyer