Māori landowners can carry out a search of their Māori land shares using the Māori Land Online system. The website provides the current ownership, trustee, memorial and block information for land that falls within the jurisdiction of the Māori Land Court.

The Māori Land Online website also brings together the data on Māori Land by matching the information held by Land Information New Zealand and the Māori Land Court Title information. It also integrates the use of Google Maps, allowing for a geographical display of Māori land interests.

There are three ways to search on the Māori Land Online website. These are ‘owner interest search’, ‘block search’ and ‘map search.’

‘Owner interest search’ allows a person to search for the interests held by their owners, trusts and trustees.

‘Block search’ allows for the search of Land Blocks, Trusts and locations of lands held by owners.

‘Map search’ is a visual map of all Land Blocks in the Māori Land Court system.

Māori Land Online can be accessed at http://www.maorilandonline.govt.nz/gis/home.htm