An insurer originally declined to settle a travel insurance claim because the Police report provided by the insured contradicted the insured’s claim as to how the loss occurred.  The insured claimed that his luggage had been stolen from his hotel room, whereas the Police report said that the luggage had gone missing during check in.

Upon further enquiry, it was discovered that all the information from the hotel, the insured and the insured’s travelling companion confirmed that the items had been taken from the hotel room and it was only the Police report which inaccurately recorded that the items had been taken during check in.

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Office investigated the matter and after discussions with the insurer, the insurer agreed to pay the claim.

If you obtain a Police report in relation to any claim, then it pays to ensure that the Police have correctly reported the circumstances of the loss, so that there is no chance of confusion when a claim is filed.

Alan Knowsley

Insurance Lawyer