1.    Decide what needs improvement.

2.    Set up a meeting to discuss improving their performance.

3.    Invite them to bring a support person or representative at each stage.

4.    Tell the employee what needs to improve.

5.    Discuss why it needs to improve.

6.    Discuss how they can improve.

7.    Arrange any further training, support or resources to aid improvement.

8.    Set a timeframe for meeting expectations.

9.    Set measurements for improvement.

10.  Monitor how they are going.

11.  Provide them informal feedback during the monitoring. Keep notes.

12.  Meet to discuss progress at regular intervals.

13.  Give formal feedback. Provide that in writing.

14.  Include what they still need to do to reach the required level.

15.   Measure progress.

16.  Provide a report on progress at the end of the monitoring phase and possible outcome of termination.

17.  Meet to discuss the outcome.

18.  Further opportunity to improve or termination process.

19.  Final opportunity to respond to allegation they are not up to the required standard.

20.  Advise employee of outcome.

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