Social service providers and the Court are bracing for an increase in domestic family violence-related incidents during the lockdown period.  The Government has announced that it would provide $27 million to social service providers like the Salvation Army and Women’s Refuge to help those in need during this time. 

Family violence is a scary, real, and very serious issue for families in normal times, but even more so during lockdown.  With lockdown occurring, the close proximity to those in your bubble and the additional stresses that come with the lockdown, such as loss of employment and greater interactions within a family unit, cause a very serious chance of a rise in domestic violence. 

It is very important for those people who are in a position where this is a reality that they try to reach out, either through electronic means to extended family and friends, or call the Police if family violence has occurred or is likely to  occur. 

The Police will act, and can take steps to issue Police Safety Orders against abusive family members, and the Courts are prioritising urgent matters involving safety of yourself or your children. 

It is important for the Police to get involved not only to potentially remove the violent party from the home, but in instances where this is not a possibility, they can provide quick assistance to help the vulnerable person get help from a family lawyer and social support services. 

Leading law firms committed to helping clients cost-effectively will have a range of fixed-priced Initial Consultations to suit most people’s needs in quickly learning what their options are.  At Rainey Collins we have an experienced family law team who can answer your questions and put you on the right track.

Shaun Cousins
Family Lawyer

Please note that Rainey Collins is not contracted to provide Legal Aid, other than in the Treaty of Waitangi area.  We therefore are unable to take on any Civil or Family Legal Aid work. If you require Legal Aid in those areas, you can search the list of Legal Aid lawyers on the Ministry of Justice website.