The Family Court will be operating for priority proceedings only. Protection Orders and urgent changes to parenting orders are among those priority matters. Most of these urgent matters can be dealt with by your lawyer and the Judge over the phone or electronically, and you will not need to come to Court unless the Court or your lawyer asks you to.

If you are required to attend Court, precautions should be taken to minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19, for instance:

  • Wear masks and gloves;
  • Keep a 2-meter distances between other attendees;
  • Wash hand frequently or use hand sanitiser;
  • Stay home if you are ill or have been in contact with someone who is ill;
  • Stay home if you have been, or have been in contact with someone who has been overseas in the preceding 14 days. 

Matters which are likely to proceed include:

  • Those with statutory timeframes such as applications for Compulsory Treatment Orders, and orders under the Intellectual Disability (Compulsory Care and Rehabilitation) Act.
  • Protection Orders or interim custody/care and protection orders.
  • Those involving vulnerable parties such as welfare guardianship or property orders.
  • Those arising out of social dysfunction and family harm.

Resolving disputes:

If caregivers and parents are not able to reach an agreement between themselves, they can still ask for assistance from a mediator. Family Disputes Resolution (FDR) is available via remote access and we can assist you with arranging this if it becomes necessary.

Other helpful articles:

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