On 24 April 2020 the government released a statement announcing that it will be extending the essential workers leave scheme to accommodate more and more workers returning to the workforce.  Rather than just being available to essential workers the leave support scheme will now be available to all workers who are returning to work.  The other criteria required to be eligible for this scheme will remain in place.  To read more about the criteria, please see our article COVID-19 – Essential Workers Leave Scheme

Leave under this scheme will be for 4 weeks with the option for businesses to reapply for the same employees after 4 weeks.  An employer will not be able to apply for the Covid-19 leave support scheme and while still receiving their essential worker’s leave support for the same employee.  Employers may also not be able to receive the wage subsidy and any leave support scheme at the same time.  State sector employees are excluded from this scheme.

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