The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has censured a teacher who inadvertently left a child locked in a van for several hours.  The teacher was dropping children off at home and should have used a sign in, sign out form for each drop off, but on the day in question did not complete the form.  The teacher thought that she had dropped all of the children home and then parked the van and went off to a funeral.  Unfortunately one of the children was still in the van and remained in the van for several hours.  Luckily the child was distressed but otherwise unharmed from the incident.

The Disciplinary Tribunal decided that a censure and a requirement for two years the teacher notify any prospective future employer about the decision and that every future employer during those two years has to supply written confirmation that it has sighted the decision of the Tribunal.

In this case the Tribunal was able to conclude that the teacher did not represent a continuing danger to children because the teacher had accepted responsibility, was mortified at their error and had fronted up to the child’s family about the incident.

Alan Knowsley
Education Lawyer