The Government has announced changes to legal representation and assistance in the Family Court. 

  • Allowing parents to have legal representation in more matters. This means that lawyers can act for clients from the start, rather than parents not being allowed representation in Court;

  • Allowing more opportunities for parents to access legal-aid.

  • Establishing Family Justice Liaison Officers to help parents and whānau navigate the system.

The changes will allow for greater access to legal advice for a large number of parents. This will assist with the streamlining and efficiency of Family Court proceedings, and hopefully allow cases to move more quickly towards resolution.

Leading law firms committed to helping clients cost-effectively will have a range of fixed-priced Initial Consultations to suit most people’s needs in quickly learning what their options are.  At Rainey Collins we have an experienced family law team who can answer your questions and put you on the right track.

Shaun Cousins
Family Lawyer