The Licenced Building Practitioners Tribunal has suspended a builder for 6 months after he provided substandard work, and abandoned the construction site.

The builder was contracted, and paid a deposit, to carry out demolition work. He began work, removing structural supports and a wall.

No temporary supports were installed when the structural supports were removed. The wall that the builder was contracted to remove contained asbestos. The builder demolished the wall and left the asbestos in a pile with general rubbish, and then abandoned the worksite.

The Tribunal held that failing to use temporary supports, and leaving asbestos in a general waste pile without safely removing it, presented a risk to any person that came onto the worksite. The conduct amounted to negligence, falling significantly short of the standards expected of a competent builder.

The Tribunal ordered that the builder’s licence be suspended for 6 months before he could reapply, and to pay costs of $2,000.

All builders are expected to carry out their work in a safe and competent manner. Failure to do so may result in suspension, cancellation, or costly penalties.

If there are concerns about building work you have been provided with, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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Alan Knowsley
Construction Lawyer