The Building Practitioners Board has ordered a builder to pay $7,500 after he carried out work in a negligent manner and failed to provide the required supervision over workers on site.

The builder was contracted to carry out foundation work and to supervise unlicensed labourers completing other work on a house.

It became clear during the build that there were issues with the work, and a report was ordered.

The report found a number of issues including that the reinforcing steel that the builder installed was cracking, and would require replacement.

Additionally, the cladding that was installed by other workers on site was completed incorrectly. This required removal and reinstallation. The builder was responsible for supervision of this work.

The Board held that the builder departed from acceptable standards when completing the work. The Board also held that the builder did not provide adequate supervision during the installation of cladding and was not familiar with the product himself.

The Board ordered the builder to pay a fine of $4,000 and costs of $3,500.

It is important that all work completed on a project is to a high standard, and that builders are familiar with any work that they are providing supervision over.

If concerns have been raised about the quality of your work, or the supervision provided, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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