If someone posts a harmful post about you on social media or on the internet, there are steps that can be taken to report the online content or make the author remove the content.

Making a report about the content:

If someone is the subject of a harmful digital communication, they can report the incident to NetSafe. When NetSafe receives a report they will review the content of the report and make an assessment.

NetSafe will then provide advice and assistance to the person making the report, including letting them know what resolution options are available to them. This can include NetSafe contacting the author of the communication, or the online host, to ascertain their perspective on the post and if appropriate, asking for its removal.

Making an online host remove the content:

Alternatively, if someone is suffering from harmful digital communications, they may contact the website’s online host directly to make a complaint. When an online host receives a complaint about content on their website, they must as soon as practicable and within 48 hours, notify the author of the post about the complaint and that the author may submit a counter notice.

If the author submits a counter notice that consents to the post being removed, the host must then remove or disable the post.

If the author does not consent to the post being removed, then the online host must notify the person making the complaint of this and provide them with the personal information that identifies the author.

If the author of the post cannot be contacted or does not submit a counter notice, then the online host must remove or disable the post, after trying to contact them.

You can find more information about harmful digital communications here.

If you have concerns about harmful digital communications, it is wise to speak to professionals that are experienced in the area about what options are available to you.

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