The Māori Land Court recently launched Pātaka Whenua, its new online portal.

Pātaka Whenua, described as a “storage house of whenua for whānau”, replaces Māori Land Online. Users searching for Māori Land Online will now be directed to Pātaka Whenua.

Pātaka Whenua is intended to streamline the Māori Land Court’s services and make information about land more accessible.

On Pātaka Whenua, landowners and other interested parties will be able to:

  • Find information about Māori land, including land blocks, land ownership, and trusts (this information was previously found on Māori Land Online and Māori Land Information System).
  • Search the Māori Land Court’s records, including Court minutes and orders.
  • Communicate directly with the Māori Land Court via the online portal.
  • Submit an application to the Māori Land Court (users are able to register an account, or continue as a guest).
  • Track the progress of any Māori Land Court applications.

Pātaka Whenua is publicly available online and is free for anyone to use. You do not need to register to access information relating to Māori land or the Māori Land Court’s records.


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