The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has decided that a teacher was not guilty of serious misconduct or misconduct following two allegations of inappropriate behaviour. The teacher was accused of letting a student talk to his father on the phone during school time (while the father was in prison) and accused of lying to the Principal about attending a Union meeting when she did not attend (and went home instead).

The Tribunal found that both actions were inappropriate, but neither amounted to either serious misconduct or misconduct. Allowing the child to speak to the father by phone was motivated by trying to help the child who was missing the father. She should not have done so without the permission of the mother, but this error of judgment did not reach the level required for misconduct.

Lying to the Principal was also inappropriate, but came at a time during a strained relationship with the Principal, when the teacher was feeling overwhelmed. The Tribunal decided by a fine margin that in the circumstances this did not amount to misconduct.