The Teachers Disciplinary tribunal has found a teacher guilty of serious misconduct after an incident at a boarding school. The school was attacked by intruders from another school throwing eggs at the school buildings and vehicles. The teacher encouraged two students to chase down one of the intruders, tackle him and hold him until the Police arrived. The intruder suffered a dislocated shoulder in the tackle and the teacher showed indifference to his injuries.

The Tribunal found that encouraging students to use physical violence towards the intruder was serious misconduct. He should have deescalated the situation instead of seeking revenge and retribution.

He also should have rendered aid to the injured intruder instead of showing indifference.

The teacher’s actions would lead to a lowering of the profession in the eyes of the public so he brought the profession into disrepute.

The Tribunal decided that cancellation of the teacher’s registration was not required but he was censured and banned from holding any leadership position in a school for 12 months and was to undergo a anger management course approved by the Teaching Council. He also has to advise any prospective employers of the decision for two years.


Alan Knowsley