Every Body Corporate must maintain a register of all the unit owners (principal and accessory units).

A unit owner may sell their unit to another person or entity but they need to ensure they update the Body Corporate with the new owner’s details when they do so.

Without being notified about the transfer of ownership of a title, the Body Corporate will naturally only possess information and contact details of the unit owner on its current register. Therefore, if not updated, invoices for levies that have fallen due after the sale will be issued to the owner that is documented on the Body Corporate’s register.

It is crucial to inform the Body Corporate in writing about the transfer of ownership of the title. This is usually done via your lawyer directly to the Body Corporate manager, at the same time as they exchange other disclosure information required on a sale of a unit.

It is important to remember this step even if you are selling to a related entity such as a company or trust you have set up, as levy invoices will need to be sent to that new entity.

If you are unsure of the requirements when selling a unit, it pays to take advice from an experienced Body Corporate lawyer.