The law has changed on 13 June 2023 on which businesses must carry out elections for Health & Safety representatives and establish Health & Safety Committees.

Previously businesses with less than 20 employees could refuse requests for elections and committees.  That exception as now been removed.

One employee can now request any business to carry out an election for Health & Safety representatives for their work group.  The employer must arrange an election. 

Once elected a Health & Safety representative will need to be properly trained in their role.  As employees elect the role, the employer has no say in who is elected.

If that employee resigns as the representative or leaves the employment, a fresh employee may be elected (at further cost for training).

If a Health & Safety representative or five employees request a Health & Safety committee be set up, the employer must establish a committee as soon as practicable.

There are significant fines for failing to hold elections or establish committees.


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Alan Knowsley

Health & Safety Lawyer