If you find yourself in a situation where your insurance cover for your income, health, or property has been declined, here are some general tips to approach the situation.

It can be expected that you may feel overwhelmed, confused, angry or upset. The first point of call when your claim gets rejected is to find out why. Insurers in New Zealand will generally provide you with a letter of reasoning outlining why the claim was denied. If you do not receive a letter or any form of correspondence from your insurer, then make sure to contact your insurance advisor immediately.

In the interim, it is always suggested that you re-read your insurance policy documents. These may provide clarity on why your claim was denied. Once you have familiarised yourself with your policy, it may be appropriate to reach out to your insurance advisor and seek a review of the decision.

If the decision has been reviewed and you are not satisfied with an outcome, it is always best practice to engage with a specialist insurance lawyer to guide you through the appropriate next steps.

After reviewing your policy and the insurance cover, a specialist lawyer will advise you if it is appropriate or inappropriate to proceed further, based on their knowledge of, and expertise in, the insurance sector.


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