What is Māori Land Online?

Māori Land Online is a website containing information on Māori land. Māori landowners and other interested parties can use the search function on the website to find information about Māori land interests, blocks, trusts, and memorial schedule entries.

The website also includes maps with the locations of Māori land across New Zealand.

Who is responsible for the website?

The Māori Land Court and the Ministry of Justice.

Where does the information on Māori Land Online come from?

Māori Land Online combines information from the Māori Land Court and Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) to provide a comprehensive database of Māori land. This data is then merged into a database using Google Maps, which enables the information to be displayed geographically.

Who can use the website? Do I have to pay or register to do this?

It is publicly available online and is free for anyone to use. You do not need to register to access information on the website.

What can I search for?

There are three search functions:

  1. The ‘Owner interest search’ enables you to search for interests in Māori land held by owners and trustees.
  2. The ‘Block search’ allows you to search for land Blocks, trusts and locations of land held by owners.
  3. The ‘Map search’ provides a visual map search of all land blocks in the Māori Land Court system in New Zealand.

How accurate is it?

The website is updated regularly to reflect changes to Māori land. Information that is sourced from the Māori Land Court is updated daily, while data from LINZ is updated on a monthly basis.

While it is a very useful starting point if you are wanting information on Māori land, the website notes that to ensure accuracy, any information should be checked against the records held by the Māori Land Court and LINZ, as some changes may not have been updated on the website.

Where can I access Māori Land Online?

The website can be accessed by searching “Māori Land Online” in your preferred internet browser.

Here is the link... https://www.maorilandonline.govt.nz


Peter Johnston and Devon Tesoriero