There are many advantages of issuing a letter of demand to a client who has failed to make payment for your services. A letter of demand sends the debtor a direct indication that the non-payment for the service is becoming a dispute.

Anyone can issue a letter of demand. However, the chances are that you have already tried to contact the debtor regarding the outstanding payment. A letter of demand is authoritative and will likely send the other party a message that there are legal ramifications likely to be involved.

Legal ramifications will usually motivate the person to make payment, or seek a payment plan, as a letter from a lawyer carries weight.

The letter will usually set out the full details of the debt; the terms of the contract including interest clauses, and default clauses; notice that unless the debt is paid in full within a certain period of time court action will be initiated to recover the debt without further notice to the debtor; and payment details.

A letter of demand is a cost-friendlier option than initiating legal proceedings. Legal proceedings can be lengthy and require a much more thorough approach to the dispute.

Further, if the debtor fails to make payment, and court proceedings are initiated, the letter can be relied on as evidence that a formal demand was made and that the person was given opportunities to arrange payment. 

A letter of demand is also a less hostile approach to legal proceedings. This may encourage the other party to respond in a formal manner, and initiate a course of negotiations that are easier and less costly than legal proceedings.

If the debtor fails to pay their debts after a letter of demand has been sent, you may apply to the Court for a Summary Judgment. This process is relatively quick and allows quick action to be taken against the debtor.

Debt recovery can be a long and stressful process, but there are methods in place to make this process easier for you. If you are confused about how to recover a debt, it pays to seek advice from a professional with experience in the area.


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Alan Knowsley and Hunter Flanagan-Connors