The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Institute of Chartered Accountants has struck-off an Accountant for stealing an employer’s money.

While working for the employer, the Accountant redirected funds totaling $64,000 from the employer’s bank accounts to her own.

When the matter was brought before the Tribunal, the Accountant agreed that she should be struck-off.

However, in addition to removing the Accountant from the Institute’s register, the Tribunal ordered that the decision should also be widely published in the Accountant’s local newspaper, and ordered her to pay costs of $5,000.

The purpose of publication was explained as “not only to protect the interests of the public but also to make clear that the disciplinary process of the Institute operates effectively and transparently.”

Accountants frequently work in situations where they have access to their client’s or employer’s money. Due to this level of trust and responsibility, any misappropriation of funds is taken extremely seriously by the Tribunal, and may result in the ending of a Chartered Accountant’s career.

If there are concerns that an Accountant has acted inappropriately it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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