A trucking firm has been fined $341,000 after it pleaded guilty to not taking all practical steps to safeguard its workers.  The trucking company had overloaded a truck and failed to weigh the truck.  During the journey the truck tipped over, killing the driver.

Since the accident the company has instigated new methods of loading and measuring the weights of trucks.

In addition to the fine imposed the company has paid the family of the deceased worker
$145,000 in voluntary reparation.

Procedures in place to prevent accidents must be followed on every occasion and in this case the simple weighing of the truck prior to the beginning of the journey would have prevented the accident occurring.  Where the truck was loaded was right next to a weighbridge, so there was no excuse for not following the safe operating procedures.  The Court found that the company was grossly negligent in its actions with tragic consequences for its employee and family.

Alan Knowsley
Health & Safety Lawyer