The Māori Land Court has made an order to amend a succession order which was incorrect due to a mistake made in 1994 by the Deputy Registrar.

This case relates to a mistake made by the Deputy Registrar in recording a decision of a Māori Land Court. The Deputy Registrar had recorded the owners holding the lands as tenants in common, each person owning a half-share, rather than as joint tenants. This led to an order of a subsequent succession being incorrect due to the incorrect recording of the decision.

The Chief Judge has the power to amend or cancel an order of the Māori Land Court where there is an error either in fact or in law due to a mistake or omission. The Chief Judge also has to be satisfied that the amendment or cancellation is necessary in the interests of justice.

In this case, the Chief Judge found that there was a mistake by the Deputy Registrar that needed to be corrected in the interests of justice and ordered that all necessary amendments be made to correct the mistake. This also included the Court amending the subsequent succession order. 

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