The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) has ordered an employer to pay its employees over $32,000 after a Labour Inspector’s investigation found several breaches of minimum entitlements.

The employees worked for the employer over a number of years. Several of the employees worked long hours and on weekends and holidays.

The employees complained to the Labour Inspector that the employer failed to pay them the minimum wage or holiday entitlements.

When the Labour Inspector investigated the employer it was found that a number of employees were not paid the minimum wage.

Additionally, employees that worked on public holidays were not paid time and a half or given an alternate day off. Additionally, one employee was paid in food, not money.

The Inspector also discovered that the employer kept poor wage and time records for their employees.

The Authority agreed with the findings from the Labour Inspector’s investigation and held that the employer failed to comply with minimum wage, holiday, and employment laws.

The Authority ordered the employer to pay the employees $32,638, the amount that they were underpaid. There is still to be a further hearing about what penalty the employer will face.

It is important that employers are familiar with all relevant employment laws to ensure that employees are receiving their minimum entitlements. Failure to do so may result in an investigation by the Inspector, repayment of the shortfall, and potentially expensive penalties.

If there are concerns that an employer is failing to pay you the minimum wage, holiday pay, or keep proper records, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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