The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has censured a teacher after it was discovered that he had been convicted of assault in the District Court, and failed to report the conviction to the Teaching Council.

The teacher was convicted of assaulting his partner, and sentenced to nine months’ intensive supervision and 75 hours’ community work.

The Teaching Council found out about the conviction when the teacher applied for a full practicing certificate, and the teacher was investigated.

The Tribunal held that it was satisfied an adverse finding was required, requiring disciplinary action. Although the offending occurred in a personal setting, the Tribunal explained that “Practitioners have an obligation to their students to both teach and model lawful behaviour”.

It noted the poor message that the teacher’s use of violence sent, and that it reflected adversely on his fitness to teach.

The Tribunal censured the teacher, annotated the register, and required the teacher to inform any future employers about the decision for two years.

Teachers must be aware of the impact that actions in their private lives may have on their careers. In the past, in more serious cases, actions in a teacher’s private life have resulted in their registration being cancelled.

If there are concerns about the impact that events in your personal life may have on your career, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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