The Licensed Building Practitioners Board has found a builder guilty of failing to provide a record of work upon completion of his building work.

The builder had argued that the work was not completed as he had been stopped from completing building work prior to the end of the contract.  He therefore believed he did not need to provide a record of work at that point.  The Disciplinary Board held that this was a wrong assumption.  As soon as the builder’s services were terminated, his work was “completed” and a record of work became due.  The builder should have provided a record of work for what had been done and supervised up to that point and the builder is not responsible for providing a record of work for anything done following termination of his services.

The builder also argued that as he had been trespassed from the site he could not return to inspect his work before completing the record of work.  The Disciplinary Board also found that this was an incorrect assumption. The record of work is just a record of what work has been done and supervised and therefore there is no warranty as to quality in the record of work. There is therefore no need to inspect the work before providing the record of it.  The builder should have completed the record of work and had no good reason not to. 

The Board imposed a fine of $1,500 plus costs of $500.