The Licensed Building Practitioners Board has fined a builder for failing to provide a record of work upon the completion of restricted building work.

The builder completed the work in February 2016, but no record of work was provided until August 2018.  This followed numerous requests from the building owner for the record of work and a complaint to the Disciplinary Board.

The builder’s only excuse was that this was an oversight and that he had not paid sufficient attention to the administration side of his business, compared to building work.

The Disciplinary Board said that this was not a reasonable excuse and that the two and half year period of delay meant that the builder was guilty of failing to provide the record of work and that he had no genuine reason for not doing so.

A fine of $1,500 was imposed.

Note that a record of work must be provided to the owner and to the territorial authority and the onus is on the builder to provide those without needing any request from the owner for the record of work.