The Teachers Disciplinary Tribunal has cancelled a teacher’s registration after he brought drugs onto school grounds.

The teacher was living in his car following an argument with a flat mate. He was storing a jar of magic mushrooms inside his guitar case and forgot about them.

In order to keep the guitar safe while he was living in his car, the teacher decided to keep the guitar inside a cupboard at work.

A student found the guitar equipment and informed another teacher who then discovered the drugs. An employment investigation was carried out and the teacher was dismissed.

The school referred the incident to the disciplinary body.

The Tribunal held that the teacher’s conduct amounted to serious misconduct and that storing class A drugs in a classroom demonstrated a highly concerning lack of insight into the possible consequences of his actions.

The Tribunal ordered the teacher’s registration to be cancelled.

It is important that teachers keep in mind that the Tribunal takes extremely seriously any incidents involving drugs. Established drug use or possession can result in the end of a teacher’s career.

If there are concerns around a teacher that may either be using controlled substances or bringing them onto school grounds, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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