The District Court has ordered an employer to pay over $288,000 following health and safety breaches that resulted in the death of an employee.

The Worksafe investigation into the death revealed several concerns in the workplace including employees making unauthorised changes to equipment, a lack of supervision during training, and that the training was contrary to the employer’s training standards.

Worksafe explained that it was reasonably practicable to expect that the employees would be supervised during the training.

The Court ordered the employer to pay a fine of $288,750.

When employees perform tasks that are inherently dangerous (as was the situation in this case), employers must ensure that they have done everything reasonably practicable to eliminate or minimise any risks involved that cannot be eliminated.

If the employer had ensured that the employees were properly supervised during the training, it is possible that the loss of life, and resulting prosecution, could have been avoided.

If there are concerns that an employer has failed to minimise the health and safety risks in your workplace, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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