The Licensed Builders Disciplinary Tribunal has censured a builder after he failed to obtain building consent for works he was undertaking.

The builder agreed to carry out a number of works for a client. These included constructing a load-bearing wall, installing the framing of a new shower, removing a fireplace, working on an existing porch, and installing a window.

The client provided the builder with plans of the work. However, the builder at no point considered whether consent would be needed for the work, and did not approach the local Council to enquire.

The builder carried out the work, but the client complained that the quality and workmanship was poor.

The Tribunal found that the builder was negligent because he did not obtain a building consent for the work.

The Tribunal censured the builder and ordered him to pay costs of $2,000. The Tribunal is still deciding whether there should be a further financial penalty against the builder.

If builders are unsure whether they require building consents for a particular project, they should contact their local Council to seek clarification. Simply deciding to carry out the work anyway, or failing to consider if consent is required, can result in expensive consequences.

If there have been allegation that your workmanship has been substandard, or that you have failed to obtain consent, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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