The Code of Banking Practice sets out the principles of good banking that banks agree to follow as a minimum standard.  The code was established by the New Zealand Bankers Association.

The code does not form part of the contract between customers and the bank and so does not override any contractual terms.

The code provides:

  1.   That banks will treat customers fairly and reasonably and act in a consistent and ethical manner.
  2.   That banks will communicate clearly and effectively with customers (including any guarantors) and provide     information and respond to questions and requests quickly and in plain language.
  3.   Banks will respect customers’ privacy and confidentiality and keep their systems secure.  This includes            providing information on how to report a security problem and they will reimburse customers for fraud if          the customer has not been dishonest or negligent, has complied with the terms of the contract and has             taken reasonable steps to protect themselves from fraud.
  4.   The bank will act responsibly if it offers or provides credit and this includes being satisfied that the                     customer will be able to make the repayments of the loan without substantial hardship.
  5.   Banks will deal effectively with concerns and complaints and this includes information on how to raise a         complaint, acknowledgment of receipt of complaints, keeping customers up to date on progress with             complaints and considering complaints fairly and advising on results within a reasonable time.
  6.   Customers can complain to the Banking Ombudsman once the bank has looked into the complaint.

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