A Bill was passed into law by Parliament before Christmas 2023, extending the 90-day trial period to all businesses, with effect from Saturday 23 December 2023.

Previously, only employers with fewer than 20 employees could offer a 90-day trial period to new employees.

As part of its 100-day plan the new Government has made this trial period available to all businesses.

This new trial period has not changed existing employment obligations for employers. There are still requirements on the employer to comply with worker protection such as pay, leave and health & safety.

The availability of this trial period does not necessarily apply to all new employees.  Rather, it provides the option to include trial periods in any new employment agreement.

It is important to be aware of your rights as an employee and your obligations as an employer and how these changes may affect you or your business.  If there is any confusion, it pays to seek experienced legal advice.

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Shaun Cousins & Brianna Cadwallader