A recent case involved a business owner who prevented WorkSafe inspectors from accessing his property. The inspectors were meeting with business owners and employers to help educate and upskill them about hazardous substances.

This business owner did not allow inspectors onto his property to do so and refused to attend an interview. He was fined $4,000.00 for deliberately obstructing the inspectors. 

All reasonable assistance must be given to WorkSafe inspectors who are entering or inspecting a site. In this case, the inspectors were trying to see if the workers were safe when working with or storing hazardous substances.  The business owner prevented the inspectors from carrying out their role. This left WorkSafe with no option but to prosecute. 

It is important that business owners and employers comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act. WorkSafe is committed to lifting health and safety performance and business owners and employers need to comply with requests of WorkSafe inspectors who may want to carry out site visits or they run the risk of facing fines or enforcement action.

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