The Licenced Building Practitioner’s Tribunal has struck-off a builder from the Licenced Builder’s Register after his work was found to be negligent and incompetent.

The builder was contracted to complete substantial work on a new house. He, and other unlicensed builders he was supervising, carried out work over a year.

When the builder moved away, other builders were contracted to complete the works. The new builders discovered extensive work that required correction, including incorrect slab and floor heights, over-exposed timber, pillars poured with insufficient cement and incorrect junction details (to mention only a few).

The remedial works cost the owners an additional $133,000.

The Tribunal held that the builder carried out and supervised restricted building work:

  • In a negligent and incompetent manner;
  • That did not comply with a building consent; and
  • Failed to provide a record of work for restricted building work.

The Tribunal explained that cancellation of the builder’s licence for three months, and requiring him to undergo recertification, was the only disciplinary measure capable of protecting the public, punishing the builder, and deterring similar conduct by other practitioners.

It is important that all licensed building practitioners consistently provide quality building work and supervision, and comply with the requirements of building consents. Failure to do may result in disciplinary action and potentially the cancellation of registration.

If a complaint has been made about the quality of building work that you have provided to a client, it is wise to speak with a professional experienced in the area.

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