Mediation is very popular way in which people can resolve disputes because it has several advantages over other kinds of dispute resolution. 

1.    Mediations can be used by anyone.

2.    They can cover any dispute that arises.

3.    They can be done very quickly.

4.    They can be arranged at places and times that suit the people involved. The parties control what is finally                  agreed to in any agreement.

5.    Mediations are confidential and if an agreement is not reached at mediation then neither party will be able to            use later what was discussed.  

6.    At mediation any outcome is possible, so remedies can be agreed that cannot be given in other processes.

7.    Parties can also bring support people to a mediation (if agreed). 

8.    Mediation can be very cost effective and require much less of an investment in money and time than other                processes.

9.    A mediator can assist the parties and work with them to achieve any desired outcome. The mediator can get             more involved in working on getting the outcome than a judge or arbitrator.

10.  A mediator is completely independent but may have expertise in the subject in dispute so they can use that              expertise to assist the process.

11.  A mediated outcome is final and binding and can be enforced in Court if not followed.

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