Questions about parenting disputes?  Want to know what to do if you need help resolving issues over day-to-day care and contact (previously custody and access)?

Family Lawyer Shaun Cousins is holding a free seminar to discuss the basics of the options for resolving disputes about children between parents, guardians and/or other family members, and to discuss some common issues which arise during those disputes.

The goal is to give participants some basic knowledge about:

  • Who can seek to have care of or contact with a child;
  • What your options are to try and resolve childcare issues;
  • Parenting agreements versus parenting orders;
  • Day-to-day care versus guardianship decisions;
  • What happens when caregivers re-partner;
  • Drug and alcohol issues.

There will also be an open forum to answer any questions you might have on care of children matters.

Webinar Details

When:             Tuesday, 11 October 2022 - 1pm to 2pm.
Where:            This is a Zoom webinar. Join here.

Webinar ID:     847 1248 1143

Password:       650193