When people separate, one of the key arrangements that need to be made is whether child support is payable by one parent to the other. Family Lawyer Shaun Cousins is holding a free webinar to discuss how Child Support in New Zealand operates and the options people have when coming to support arrangements.

The goal is to provide information and an overview about Child Support law and its impact on families, including:

  • What is child support?
  • How do I apply for child support?
  • Are there other options than going through IRD to reach agreements?
  • How is child support calculated?
  • Who is entitled to receive child support?
  • If there is a dispute about child support, what are my options?
  • Does child support affect other benefits or income I may be receiving?
  • When does the Family Court become involved?
  • What happens if I don’t pay or don’t receive child support? What are my options?
  • When does child support end or no longer apply?


There will also be a forum to answer any questions you might have about these issues at the end of the webinar.

Webinar Details

When:             Tuesday, 12 July 2021 -1pm- 2pm
Where:            This is a Zoom meeting webinar. Join here

Meeting ID:    811 3794 1015
Passcode:      499213 


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