Questions about parenting orders?  Want to know what to do if you need help resolving issues over day-to-day care and contact (previously custody and access)?

Family Lawyer David Tyree is holding a free seminar to discuss the basics of the options for resolving disputes about children between parents, guardians and/or other family members.

The goal is to give participants some basic knowledge about:

  • Who can seek to have care of or contact with a child?
  • What your options are to try and resolve childcare issues;
  • Parenting agreements versus parenting orders;
  • Day-to-day care versus guardianship decisions;
  • What happens when caregivers re-partner?

There will also be an open forum to answer any questions you might have on care of children matters.

Bring along any questions or issues you have if you want to know more.

Date:       22 February 2018
Time:      12.15 pm - 1.15 pm
Where:    Level 19, PWC Tower, 113-119 The Terrace, Wellington

Free seminar - Care of Children - 22 February 2018

To register your attendance please enter your details below and submit or contact Karen Ferrel on (04) 473 6850 or