We had an issue arise while in the States that could only be dealt with through a lawyer in New Zealand. Contrary to another review I just read and why I wanted to review Rainey Collins, they were the only lawyer who took the time to speak with us. Immediately our main contact (we are still in process so don't want to say whom as this is public) was empathetic, very sharp and eloquent. The party which had caused harmed banked on the fact that we wouldn't figure out what they had done because we were across the continent and that we wouldn't be able to get a lawyer, piece together the countless criminal acts, be able to legally reach or file a complaint against their lawyer or be able to fight this.

Even though we get emotional we DO appreciate how much Rainey Collins respects the court and the law as we like to work with people that have integrity and are thorough. They are a perfect balance as a law firm; fair, priced well but reasonable, communicative, allow us to feel and participate in our case and treats us kindly and with respect. I wish they were here in the States and could be my Business lawyers.

I have no doubt that however this turns out they were our best chance at righting great wrongs from all the way across the world ❤ We love our two lawyers and all the others lawyers there who have helped us thus far 🙏