Went to see Alan in 2019 with a tricky situation at work. His advice was reassuring, practical and pragmatic. He didn’t beat his chest like some lawyers and shout ‘they can’t do this’, or ‘we will sort this out’, he very calmly asked what I wanted, and then gave me some simple options. When it started to get difficult with work, as we expected it would, Alan was always there, offering sage advice, and being a rock in what would otherwise have been super stressful. Like all experts he doesn’t shout about it and his advice seems to come from a position of strength from very in-depth knowledge.

While I knew what the fees were (as you agree these in advance) I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the process to find out I had not to be bankrupted: he seems to charge for the work he does, as opposed to charging for a new Mercedes he’d like to have for Christmas (like some firms).

Overall, if you have an issue at work, and want some practical help that won’t break the bank, but will reduce your blood pressure, then I wouldn’t hesitate to use Alan.