If you are living overseas and need legal services in New Zealand or are planning to return to New Zealand, you need advice on what your rights and options are from lawyers used to dealing with the issues that arise in those situations. We are New Zealand lawyers who can provide you with the right help, information, services and resources to ensure you have full information and to support you as an expat.

We are a well-established and highly regarded law firm experienced in helping clients just like you achieve success in their New Zealand legal issues wherever they live in the world.

If you are returning to New Zealand for a new job we can advise on your new employment agreement and on negotiating relocation and remuneration packages.

If you have assets or property in New Zealand we can advise on the best structures and strategies to protect those assets.

If you are entering into a relationship (or already in one) we can advise on what you need to do to plan for how those assets will be dealt with during and, if necessary after the relationship, and making sure the arrangements you agree on are legally effective in New Zealand.

We can also advise on most other legal issues such as setting up companies, limited partnerships and intellectual property issues.

Making contact is easy. Email us with a short description of the issue so we can consider your situation and get back to you with the next best steps. We can then let you know what else we will need to receive to advise you fully. If you prefer we can set up a time to talk by phone, skype, facetime etc so you will have all the necessary information and support before you make any decisions and peace of mind after you have reached those decisions.

Investing in our advice and assistance from overseas is easy as we offer a PayPal service on our website (or credit card facilities or direct debit via bank transfer if you prefer).

We have been looking after clients and helping them achieve success in their personal and professional lives for over 98 years. Contact us on 0064 4 4736850 or fill in the form below and submit.

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