The real estate lawyers and registered legal executives at Rainey Collins specialise in assisting clients with buying and selling property (conveyancing), both for personal residence and investment.  If possible we recommend assisting in the early stages of a transaction and can review Agreements for Sale and Purchase before selling or buying a property.  We can advise in relation to conditions to include in an offer and talk you through the conveyancing process. Our clients are based in the Wellington region and throughout NZ.

Buying a property for the first time can be daunting, and there is a lot of information to take in.  In order to demystify the process and answer any burning questions you might have, we are offering free weekly Q & A sessions for First Home Buyers, as well as 20 Minute Free Property Consultations. 

20 Minute Free Property Consultations

During this uncertain time of Covid-19 restrictions, many first home buyers will be unsure about whether they can, or should, still buy property.  We are continuing to offer 20 Minute Free Property Consultations for first home buyers during this time, by Zoom, phone, or in person  to answer questions about the purchase process.  These consultations give us the opportunity to introduce ourselves, discuss with you the general purchase process and give some broad guidance about how to proceed with the purchase of a property during this unprecedented time. 

If you would like to arrange a 20 minute property consultation please contact Gillian Scanlon on (04) 473 6850 or and she will schedule an appointment with one of our experienced property team


We also advise Bodies Corporate regarding compliance with the Unit Titles Act 2010 and issues that arise living in unit titled complexes.

We are also experienced in all types of property law including property disputes and rights of way law.

Rainey Collins – The conveyancing lawyers Wellington can trust, the property lawyers Wellington clients go to.

Property Sale & Purchase (Conveyancing) Resources

Checklist for Residential Landlords

Sale of Real Estate by Tender Fourth Edition 2012 - 5

Sale of Real Estate by Auction Fourth Estate 2012 - 5

Agreement for Sale and Purchase (ASP) - Tenth Edition 2019 (2)

Moving House Checklist (99kb)

Builder’s Report (Good Practice Tip) (82kb)

Time Frames (Good Practice Tip) (81kb)

Unit Titles Disclosure Checklist (75kb)


We specialise in all aspects of refinancing your residential property matter. We can liaise with your bank or financial institution and advise you about your refinance documents.


We specialise in all aspects of commercial property including buying, selling and leasing.  We are able to assist you with negotiating lease terms, as well as documenting rent reviews, renewals and variations of leases.  We are also experienced in assisting both landlords and tenants with issues arising out of leases.

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Super Gold Card 

If you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder (Australian Senior Cards do not qualify) we will give you a 75% discount off the fee for one of our set fee 1 hour initial consultations. We will also give you a 17.5% discount off the first matter we handle for you and then 12.5% off any subsequent matters for you.  These discounts relate to your personal matters only (i.e. not business, trust or organisational matters or the sale and purchase of investment properties).

To receive the discount please let us know if you are a New Zealand Super Gold Card Holder.